Principles Of
Engineering Design

Students in this course work primarily in teams to solve real-world and simulated problems in the field of engineering design. They gain a broader comprehension of the field of engineering and a deeper understanding of the day-to-day work of engineers.

Moreover, they acquire skills and knowledge they could apply to developing innovative solutions to real-world engineering challenges in their own lives and communities.

Enriching activities

Enriching activities The students will have several presentations that will equip them with other various life skills. They will also have many visits to interesting places (such as the FABLAB, R&DC Laser & Nanotechnology).

Try Engineering

Try Engineering: an intensive hands-on course that assist students in linking engineering concepts and theories to everyday life as well as to many machines, equipment,


Girls : Building 1450 - Community area – DPC 214: Gate no. 6

Boys : Building 9132 – Dep. CPC : Gate no. 23


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


23 July- 20 August 2015